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So, what exactly happens in a Feldenkrais session?

So, what happens in a Feldenkrais session? 

People ask this frequently, so I thought I’d give some idea in the next couple of blogs.Two blogs because there are two different ways of experiencing the Feldenkrais Method®, either hands on, one to one, known as Functional Integration or else in a group class, known as Awareness Through Movement.The principles are exactly the same either way.

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Hiking by Moonlight

Last Friday evening, we made a spontaneous decision to walk from home, up through steep woods and fields to a pub that serves excellent food, then walk the “long way” home over the racecourse and down the Cotswold way.  It was twilight as we ascended and completely dark after we had eaten.  The footpaths around our house are really familiar to us by daylight.  Taking the same paths by night created a challenge. 

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Future proofing (insurance)

Blue-lighting down from the Italian Alps to Aosta hospital with a family member last week; a momentary slip on skis with potentially serious consequences.  We had self-rescued from the slopes in -15c temperatures, but headed straight to the local trauma centre as the faller was obviously unwell.

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