Success Stories

Individual Sessions

When I stood up I felt more upright, & more connected.
I still feel taller though, & walking is more relaxed, I want to be on my feet more, lying down is more comfortable. Bending forward & twisting to the right, is painful, but better if I slow down the movement.
I think it will all improve as my body adjusts with your help.

I had the feeling of needing support for my neck, before I saw you. I am sure it can all be improved, it's been a lifetime of getting set like this, & given time, I can do better.

JC, retired gardener and cancer survivor



Regular Group Sessions

I discovered Feldenkrais 20 years ago when I was going through a period of depression. My yoga teacher also taught Feldenkrais and without knowing what I was going to find, I plucked up courage and went along.
We were asked to lie on the floor and then talked through a series of small, precise, unfamiliar movements, with eyes closed I was unaware of the other people in the room. I felt relief, I had found a place where l could shed my worries and responsibilities, a quiet non-judgemental, non-competitive space. A place of enjoyment and concentration.
From then on wherever I have been and whatever circumstances I have been in, I have always found a class to join. My life has been changed by discovering Feldenkrais.

CL, retired Art teacher

Saturday Workshops

I noticed a difference before and after to how I was lying down.  At the end of the morning I felt that more of my upper back was in contact with the floor, and in fact generally I felt that I was more relaxed and 'looser'.  

I also always feel after your sessions that I am more stable when I am walking around. Normally if I walk slowly I feel my balance isn't very good but after the session I feel a lot more stable and grounded (if that makes sense!).

CC, University administrator