One to One Sessions

If you have a particular niggling pain or ongoing condition or have had surgery recently, or want to explore your own capabilities in depth, an initial one to one Feldenkrais consultation is the most beneficial way to start.

This consultation provides an opportunity for you to discover more about how the Feldenkrais Method works and what it would be like to work with me. At the end of this initial session you will receive a recommendation on whether further one to one sessions and/or group classes would be most suitable for you.


One to one sessions are completely bespoke, enabling specific areas to be addressed for every individual person. During a session, I suggest different ways of moving, both by talking with you and using my hands for gentle guidance. Some of a session will be on either a low padded table or else on an “air table” which can provide additional comfort and sensory feedbaack. A session may also include some time working in sitting or standing.

One to one sessions usually last about an hour and take place in my studio in Weston, Bath, just behind the hospital, but may be arranged at other locations if it is difficult for you to travel. You are recommended to wear layers of clothes that are comfortable to move around in, including trousers or leggings  You remain fully clothed during the session.

Individual Feldenkrais sessions are often described as ‘Functional Integration’ lessons, as they address the functionality of your body, aiming to allow you to move in the best way for you.