Group Classes

Feldenkrais classes take place throughout the year on Tuesday mornings in Weston village and Wednesday mornings in Larkhall.

Classes restart on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th September and the first 5 sessions will focus on your back, exploring different ways to use all your spine, making movement easier.

Weston (Apthorp) on Tuesdays at 10.30am

Larkhall (Well Bath) on Wednesdays at 9.30am (new time)

What happens in Feldenkrais classes?

Group classes are an excellent way of finding out how to move easily, elegantly and enjoyable.  Classes can take place lying on the floor or sitting or even standing.   You will explore a series of linked movements using verbal instructions.  You may come along to a class at any time, as you will go at your own pace and do movements in a way that is easy and comfortable for you. 

Please contact Mamie by email or by phone if you have any questions about classes or if you have a particular medical condition or are experiencing pain in specific areas.  Generally, classes are suitable if you are able to get down to the floor and back up again.

Feldenkrais group sessions are described as “Awareness Through Movement” classes.

For all classes, please wear layers of comfortable clothes and bring a mat or blanket if you can (some mats are available)

Group classes in Bath cost £12 each, newcomers are always welcome.  It is also possible to commit to 6 classes for a special price of £60.