I used to be an Accountant....until I discovered Feldenkrais

I never intended to become a Feldenkrais teacher.  For several years in the early noughties, a close family member with balance and co-ordination issues had benefitted from weekly one-to-one sessions with the then local Feldenkrais practitioner in Bath.  The sessions made a real noticeable difference to these neurologically based issues.  I myself regularly went to group Feldenkrais classes.  I had had no idea what to expect the first time, so was surprised by the ease of movement throughout my body after spending time focusing on specific areas each week.

When our local Feldenkrais practitioner relocated to the French Pyrenees I was devastated.  At that time there were no other Feldenkrais teachers near enough to see weekly, the nearest was 100 miles away in London.  It seemed that all the positive developments for my family member would be forgotten and that I personally would no longer be able to enjoy easy movement sessions.

Then I found that I could train as a Feldenkrais Practitioner myself; by chance a 4-year training programme had just started in the UK where the teaching sessions were spread over many long weekends throughout the year.  This fitted in with my then school-age children and with a public sector employer who was willing to be flexible.

The 4-year training programme was wonderful.  Many of the fellow-students I met there are still personal friends as well as professional colleagues.  It set me up on a path of lifelong learning that continues today. 

I qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 2010, but didn’t take the plunge to practice full-time, though I continued to work with family and friends.  In 2016 I decided the time was right to focus full-time on Feldenkrais and haven’t looked back since.

I used to be an Accountant….until I discovered the Feldenkrais Method®