Future proofing (insurance)

Blue-lighting down from the Italian Alps to Aosta hospital with a family member last week; a momentary slip on skis with potentially serious consequences.  We had self-rescued from the slopes in -15c temperatures, but headed straight to the local trauma centre as the faller was obviously unwell.

Thankfully the suspected internal injuries were only bruising. Aosta hospital ran X-rays, ultrasounds and repeated blood tests and kept the patient in overnight to ensure that he was fit to leave.  The overnight stay resulted in missing the original flight home.

Winter sports insurance and EHIC cards covered medical treatment, ambulance ride, additional days in the resort and eventual repatriation.  We’ve always taken out holiday insurance abroad and fortunately never needed it.  In three days of enforced inactivity after the incident, the idea of “insuring” ourselves for the future kept coming to me. 

Actions that we take now and make habitual can have long-lasting effects on our future health and wellbeing.  We’re all aware of the kinds of food and drink that are beneficial to us in the long term and can try and incorporate changes in our daily diet.  (Though the hot chocolate in Italy was divine!) 

Similarly, changing our movement habits, so that we incorporate movement into our daily lives, could have long lasting effects in future.  Basically, we need to start to play again now so that we can keep moving with ease for many years.

Interestingly, the A&E at Aosta hospital had only 2 types of patients; skiers and elderly local citizens, all of whom had slipped on the snow/ice.

With thanks to the Doctors and Nurses at Champoluc Trauma Centre and Aosta regional hospital for their dedication and patience in ensuring that there were no internal injuries.