Location, location......Feldenkrais

Our surroundings are important to our overall sense of wellbeing, so I’ve carefully chosen three different locations in Bath from which the group Feldenkrais sessions run each week.  I find that different people prefer the different positive aspects of each one.  A Georgian villa, a Victorian former monastery and a modern studio in the countryside.

The Bath venue where I’ve run Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons for the longest is Apthorp centre on Weston Lane.  It’s a large, elegant Georgian house set in a leafy road in Weston village about a mile from the centre of Bath.  It’s set back in its own superb gardens, with a 5* hotel on one side and a children’s nursery on the other, each with their own glorious gardens.  The Feldenkrais studio is light and airy with a forgiving carpeted wooden floor.  It’s on the 2nd floor, with extensive views of the surrounding gardens and across to distant hills.

Another place where I’ve run classes for a couple of years is in St John’s Church Hall on South Parade in central Bath.  The large, light hall is tucked away in a tranquil spot down by the river, although it’s only a few minutes walk from the railway and bus stations and Bath Abbey.  This is also a historic building with its own quirks (including Peregrine falcons, though these don’t join in the Feldenkrais sessions). 

The third Feldenkrais space I currently use is at Well Bath, in the countryside on the edge of Larkhall to the East of Bath.  The studio itself is large and light with underfloor heating and rolling views across farmland to the Avon valley.  Classes have only just started here and several longer workshops are planned for the Autumn, taking advantage of the relaxed “breakout” space for breaks plus the extensive free parking.

So, although the three places are all light and welcoming, some people prefer Georgian elegance and gardens, some the convenience of central Bath in a historic and peaceful setting and some the open countryside and parking; Feldenkrais works in all these settings!