About Mamie


I am an expert in movement learning. Recommended to the Feldenkrais Method in 2002 as a way forward for a close family member with a mild disability, regular one-to-one (Functional Integration) sessions provided real noticeable improvements. I also participated in and enjoyed weekly Awareness through Movement classes myself. I found that learning to listen to my own body and the ways in which I moved, enabled me to make small changes. This had powerful effects not only on my body but also in my thoughts and emotions.


When the local Feldenkrais teacher relocated to the Pyrenees in 2006, I trained as a Feldenkrais practitioner, as the only way to continue to enjoy the benefits of the Method both personally and for my family. The training was spread over 4 years, allowing time to practice and refine skills between training sessions, culminating in qualification in 2010. I have taken part in additional training every year since then in order to maintain and expand my skills

One to one Feldenkrais session - bespoke attention to the individual

One to one Feldenkrais session - bespoke attention to the individual


Following an Anthropology degree and a professional Accountancy qualification, I worked in large Finance teams for many years, mainly with the National Trust and within the NHS, before seizing an opportunity to become a full-time Feldenkrais Practitioner in early 2016.

I am a fully qualified and insured Feldenkrais Practitioner and a Committee Member (Treasurer) of the Feldenkrais Guild UK. 
I am also a Trustee of Designability, a charity that aims to transform the lives of disabled people through assistive technology.