Saturday Workshops

February 9th, March 16th and April 13th 2019


Ease your Back - February 9th

9.00 am to 1.00 pm, St John’s Hall, South Parade, Bath, BA2 4AF (behind Manvers St)

Does your lower back ache a lot of the time? Do you have tension and pain across your shoulders and upper back? Maybe you spend much of the day sitting in a chair? Or have lifted heavy items as part of your work?

There is an epidemic of problems related to our modern lifestyle and the rise in use of screen technology and handheld devices. Many of us spend 10 or more hours a day behind screens in one form or another resulting in Computer Crunch and Tech Neck – a caved-in body with restricted breathing, a sore aching neck, shoulders and/or back, often with headaches.

Much neck or back pain begins with a combination of normal daily repeated activities like using a computer or digital mobile device and poor posture.

This workshop will show you how to
• Sit and move more comfortably
• Breathe more fully
• Learn how to control pain in your lower and upper back
• Understand how your body is designed to function

The venue is peaceful, spacious and light, tucked down by the river in central Bath. The workshop includes homemade elevenses.


March 16th Effortless Walking

9.00am to 1.00pm, WellBath, Wooley Lane, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 8DN

If you are interested in moving with ease and grace then this workshop can help you, whether you are aiming for a high altitude trek or to continue enjoying your daily activities.

Every day, most of us shift all our weight from one foot to the other, many times, as we walk through our daily lives. We don’t even think about it, unless we miscalculate slightly and have to make a quick adjustment to avoid a fall.

In this workshop you will learn how to use your feet, knees and hips for better balance, including some ideas to take away with you and continue to walk well. The workshop will include several different movement sessions, going at your own pace, together with some explanation of how your body can function more easily using the Feldenkrais Method.

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April 13th Effortless Pelvic Health

9.00am to 1.00pm, WellBath, Wooley Lane, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 8DN

Details available soon.